Friday, 13 May 2011

Does this count?

Hello again!

It's been a short while since I posted. I've been writing some music and also playing a lot. I've mostly been playing 2v2's with people I've met on the ladder. 

It's interesting how quickly you build a small community through the ladder. Some people are chatty, some people aren't at all. It's nice to find the people who are in the middle. It's given me some practice partners which is nice. 

I've been having trouble with Marine/Tank slow pushes... HowtheF--- do I compete with that?! So annoying.

I've hit Master league with one of my new friend-list buddies. He's master 1v1, no need to say he totally pwns me in 1v1. I don't think this counts as being near my goal, though it is nice and a bit of a boost.

ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Gotta love the community out there right?

  2. practice more so you can beat that master! :)

  3. you should post some of that music you have been writing

  4. SC is one of my favourite games, but I really like more the first part than the second.

  5. Love the Starcraft community, been playing a lot of Starbattle lately though(custom map, check it out!), even though I'm 2v2 diamond. Following